Artist Statement


My work conceptually analyzes the omnipresence of the Screen in our daily lives, and questions how the Screen functions both physically and psychologically. The work is informed by the phenomena of personal devices, selfies, chat forums, subreddits, Tumblr blogs, and Facebook, and the role they have had in ushering in a new era of globalized communication. This is an era in which one can luxuriate in the anonymity of the Internet, construct a persona, and contribute to an endless stream of pop cultural content. I am interested in describing the aesthetics of this Internet space, a void behind the screen that captures each user’s histories, searches, and communications. My current body of work consists of mixed media sculptures that function under a coded abstract visual language. This language is contingent upon color, surface, and form, and it provides a substructure and guideline for the work. I uphold a process-oriented practice which responds to a range of materials through painterly interventions. By considering surface treatment and scale I allow the work to mimic the content of an iPhone screen. My overarching goal is to anthropologically observe and document the pop cultural and subcultural zeitgeists that reveal how we as a society utilize, reject, and abuse one of the greatest tools of our generation, the Internet.