Interface Series

The Interface Series is an ongoing body of mixed media sculptures that explore our sensory relationship with touchscreens and technological devices. Through scale, composition, color, and surface these pieces aim to describe the sleek objectness of a personal device in a painterly lexicon. 



FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out, a 21st century phenomenon that can be traced back to early 2000s internet meme culture and refers to the mental state of anxiety that is triggered from viewing social media documentation of a function you missed attending. These paintings meditate upon this psychological state and considers portraiture through the viewpoint of the screen.


Inverted Constructions: Berlin 2017

For seven weeks in the summer of 2017 I participated in the PICTURE BERLIN residency program. Over the course of that time I made a series of paintings and collages in response to living in the city and self-imposed material limitations.


Interface Series: Glass 2015

This series, executed in glass, serves as the initial point of departure for the ongoing mixed media Interface Series. This body of work focuses on formal relationships between surface, color, and form as a way to mimic the saturated content of a personal device.


Performances and Collaborations

I greatly value collaborations with artists that push me to consider other forms of creating and communicating outside my standard process. I have developed a deeper dialogue in my practice through exploring a number of performances, collaborative installations, and sculptures.






A collection of tangential thoughts, inkings, and one-offs that find their genesis in the larger bodies of work. These more experimental, less defined, fantastical one-liners offer ulterior glimpses into my studio process.