Artist Statement


My work conceptually aims to describe the collective physical and psychological experiences produced when using touchscreens, personal devices, and engaging in social media. My studio practice is ruled by two ongoing bodies of work, the Interface series and the FOMO series.The FOMO series is characterized by abstract paintings which aim to visually describe the Fear Of Missing Out, a contemporary phenomenon that refers to the mental state of anxiety that may be triggered by viewing social media documentation of a function one missed attending. These paintings meditate upon this psychological state and consider portraiture through the viewpoint of a smartphone gazing out towards its unsuspecting user. Repeating ovoid forms abstractly allude to eyes, a face, or a mask, and also reference selfie culture. The hyper saturated synthetic palette I employ creates the basis for this body of work and finds its roots within commercial design, consumer culture, and advertisements around New York City. The Interface series is comprised of wall-centric three dimensional sculptures that aim to replicate the sleekness, reflectivity, and content of a smartphone screen. This body of work explores our fetishized relationship with touchscreens and technological devices. Through scale, composition, color, and surface these pieces aim to describe the sleek objectness of a personal device in a painterly lexicon. I utilize industrial high gloss black enamel paints when creating this work in order to recreate the effect of a black computer monitor. This surface functions as a black mirror, capturing the viewers’ reflections as they move in front of the piece. My overarching goal in my work is to anthropologically observe and document the pop cultural and subcultural zeitgeists that reveal how we as a society utilize, reject, and abuse one of the greatest tools of our generation, the Internet.