RSOAA was founded by Martin Kalanda and Jason Clay Lewis in 2013. Determined to achieve professional standing for American Art, they also wanted to provide a curator friendly venue for exhibitions that would be open to the public; and studio space through which artists could pass information on to future generations of practitioners.

RSOAA today continues to aspire to promote the arts and present a broad range of visual art to the widest possible audience; to stimulate debate, understanding and creation through education; and to provide a focus for the interests of artists and art-lovers. RSOAA has held annual exhibitions of works for sale since its formation. RSOAA now enjoys an unrivalled reputation as a venue for exhibitions of international importance.

The Immigrant Artist Biennial

The Immigrant Artist Biennial (TIAB) is a platform for presentation of a large scale multi-disciplinary exhibition and series of public events of critically engaged contemporary art made by immigrant artists from around the world. To be presented in New York City every two years, TIAB sets out to form an international dialogue through exhibition of ambitious projects, performances, panels, etc with an aim to facilitate a diverse and experimental discourse as well as build a globally connected and united community in the times of extreme anti-immigrant sentiment, unrest, discrimination and exclusion.

Artist-run gallery space working with emerging and mid-career artists focusing on interdisciplinary art that is smart and subversive. Our aim is to challenge the institutional expectation of a gallery space, including the physical space that Sine Gallery itself occupies, and promote artwork that is both conceptual in idea and form. The artists at Sine Gallery will transcend beyond the known by thematically translating the world in which we live through an alternate lens.

In New York, there once was a vibrant artists’ bar culture—these places such as Cedar Bar, Ninth Circle, Max's Kansas City, and The Liquor Store Bar were where artists, writers, critics, curators, musicians, dancers, etc. met to talk shop, argue politics and trade gossip. Though these bars were public spaces and open to all, their patrons represented a somewhat exclusive club of the producers of critical culture. Critical Practices Inc. (CPI) believes that such physical sites are necessary to advance and sustain critical, theoretical, and artistic practices. To address this situation, CPI is launching The Culture Club, with the objective of creating a site for the producers of critical culture to meet face-to-face; share experiences; and exchange views, ideas, and resources while talking shop not market or real estate. CPI sees this initiative as putting into practice our mission of building new models and platforms "beside” existing ones by which to promote the types of associations and exchanges that define a community of critical producers. 

Waves Artist Collective

The Waves Collective is a Brooklyn-based group of artists focused on experimental and peripheral art programming in alternative spaces in order to foster dialogue between real people outside institutional rhetoric.

This month long series featured the work of more than twenty-five NYC-based emerging and established artists, performers, and musicians within five multifaceted exhibitions.

A pop-up exhibition which featured the work of twelve artists and celebrated the integration of art within unconventional spaces.