Artist Statement

FOMO Primordial Soup, detail, 2018

FOMO Primordial Soup, detail, 2018


The overarching goal of my work is to anthropologically observe and document pop cultural zeitgeists that reveal how we as a society utilize, reject, and abuse one of the greatest tools of our generation, the Internet. My practice is ruled by two ongoing bodies of work, the FOMO series and the Interface series.

The FOMO series is characterized by abstract paintings that describe the Fear Of Missing Out, a contemporary phenomenon associated with a mental state of dysphoria triggered when engaging with social media. These paintings meditate on a frantic psyche and consider portraiture through the viewpoint of a smartphone gazing out towards its unsuspecting user. Repeating ovoid forms abstractly allude to eyes or a mask and ambiguously refer to selfie culture and emojis. Hyper-saturated colors unite the FOMO and Interface series and are sourced directly from consumer culture and advertisements.

The Interface series is comprised of wall-centric sculptures that explore our fetishized relationship with touchscreens. These pieces are three-dimensional and contain layers of shaped boards collaged upon each other. Geometric shapes and high gloss enamel paints allow for these pieces to mimic the sleek reflectivity of a personal device.

Through these parallel bodies of work I focus on translating observable patterns of behavior and attempt to describe a failure to cast off the physicality of human nature in a virtual realm.