A Symptom of the Universe

Trestle Gallery's 2016 Residency Exhibition

A Symptom of the Universe

Opening Reception: Friday December 16th, 7-9pm

Trestle Projects at 400 3rd Ave

A Symptom of the Universe, taken from a song off Black Sabbath’s album Vol. 4, brings together artists who use a variety of mediums to depict and/or work through a rift in the collective psyche or a personal trauma. Visitors can expect to see paintings that confront objectification of female bodies as well as paintings that reflect upon the rigid expectations of masculinity. Works in the exhibition touch on how the Internet has disrupted language and simultaneously created a deep-seeded need for our identity to exist as a multiplicity of images and affects. Other works are an amalgam of mass produced materials that illuminate personal hindrances and psycho-social conditioning. Ultimately this exhibition highlights the artists as seer, like a canary in the coalmine, whose work reflects fast arriving shifts and departures in the collective unconscious.

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