Spring/Break Art Show: Para-Verbal Vocab

Para-Vebal Vocab located in room 2318 at the SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017

Curator: Kristen Racaniello
Featuring: Katherine Bradford, Courtney Childress, Christa Pratt, Eleanna Anagnos, Katie Hector, Lena Schmid, and Mandy Lyn Ford

Meaningful verbal vernacular is dead. In parallel to the history of American english, artists have developed personal visual vocabularies as mediators between individual self and global identity. The artists in this exhibition have created an idioglossic language– a vocabulary of alphabet mark which only they can understand and create. The paintings included in "Para-Verbal Vocab." grasp onto the idea of a language of selfhood and grapple with its complexity through the use of physical repetition, multiplication of form, darkness, and an encroaching, sculptural materiality.