AiOP BODY 2018 NYC – Meet the Team

Katie Hector, Curatorial Assistant


"*Tell us about your background and why you were interested in this year’s AiOP?"

"I am an artist and independent curator living and working in New York City. Although my studio practice is firmly rooted in painting, as a curator I consistently gravitate towards the energy, immediacy, and agency of performance art. Working to facilitate this year’s Art In Odd Places: BODY falls directly in line with my personal history and mission: to create a platform for artists that rethinks the institutional “white cube” mode of presentation in order to engage more directly with the public."

"*What does the theme “BODY” mean to you?"

"For me, “BODY” formally implies three things: movement, change, and form. These qualities operate at varying scales in relation to the medium of performance art. For example, movement can be as subtle as a breath or as sizable as a protest. The notion of change can include both a choreographed shifting of a body in space as well as a more existential inquiry into aging and the change of time. Similarly, form can encompass the specificity of an individual or conceptually allude to the limbless, formless, yet still impactful presence of a governing body. Performance art bears to mind all of these interpretations of body, whether it be the human body or a projection of things much larger."