Größ F(r)ictions

Größ F(r)ictions

PICTURE BERLIN Summer Session 2017 is proud to present the final exhibition: Groß F(r)ictions

Showcasing new work by our current residents:

Hannah Bates (US)
Nati Canto (BR)
Haleigh Collins (US)
Ella Cooper (CA)
Katie Hector (US)
Ryan Molnar (US)
Tassia Quirino (BR)
Stevie Southard (US)
Holly Veselka (US)

The exhibition is curated by Teena Lange.

Fact is stranger than f(r)iction. Truth is stranger than f(r)iction.
Without f(r)iction, objects would be unable to gain traction on any surface. One would need to push something to get motion in opposite direction. Shoelaces would untie themselves, zippers would always unzip (unless they were upside-down), nails and screws would work themselves loose, and thriving as we know it would be impossible. In other words: there would be no resistance as the meteorite entered Earths atmosphere. F(r)iction creates heat. Great f(r)iction embrace great f(r)iction. 
Be brave being great.

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